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Cooling Jacket Dewatering Pumps for Groundwork Applications (water with sand)

EVAK EUB-M dewatering pump

Dewatering pumps play a crucial role in construction projects, particularly when it comes to managing groundwater and surface water in sand-heavy environments and groundworks. Among the various types of dewatering pumps available, those with cooling jackets offer distinct advantages for these challenging conditions.

Effective Cooling System for Continuous Operation: Dewatering pumps with cooling jackets are designed to keep the motor temperature within safe operating limits, even during continuous operation with partially submegence only. The cooling jacket surrounds the motor and allows the pumped water to flow around it, dissipating heat and preventing overheating. This feature is particularly beneficial in sand-heavy environments, where constant pumping is often required to keep excavation sites dry and safe.

Pumping water with sand can cause wear and tear on pump components, leading to reduced performance and a shorter lifespan. Cooling jacket dewatering pumps like EVAK EUB-M series are typically constructed with robust materials of hydraulic, such as stainless steel or cast iron, which are resistant to abrasion from sand and other particulates. This ensures that the pump can withstand the rigors of sand-heavy environments and provide reliable performance over time. The big advantage of EVAK EUB-M series dewatering pumps is that some common pump parts which are usually not affected by the pumping liquid are made from aluminium which decrease the weight of the pump aproximately 20%.

The feature of cooling jacket not only protects the motor from overheating but also helps to minimize maintenance requirements. By keeping the motor cool and reducing wear on pump components, cooling jacket EVAK EUB-M dewatering pumps are less likely to require frequent maintenance, such as impeller replacement or motor repairs. This lowers overall maintenance costs and minimizes downtime on construction sites.

EVAK EUB-M dewatering pumps are suitable for a wide range of groundwork applications, including excavation dewatering, supporting wellpoint systems, borehole and open pit use. Their ability to handle sandy water and maintain efficient performance makes them a versatile and reliable choice for various construction projects.

In sand-heavy environments, traditional dewatering pumps can become less efficient due to the abrasive nature of the pumped water EVAK dewatering pumps are designed to maintain their efficiency even when dealing with sand-laden water. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs for construction projects.

When it comes to managing water with sand in groundwork applications, cooling jacket EUB-M dewatering pumps are the superior choice. Their effective cooling system allows for longer continuous operation even in partially dry working conditions, while their robust construction ensures durability against abrasives. With reduced maintenance requirements, versatility in applications, and improved efficiency, EVAK EUB-M series cooling jacket dewatering pumps are a wise investment for any construction project.

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